Sunday, February 26, 2012

Truth stranger than fiction

So, thing as strange at it is, the contraption below is actually a real. A "steam man" built to power a cart. A man by the name of Zaddock Dederick built "Daniel Lambert" (Which to me almost as odd as the concept) to pull a cart. Apparently it could reach 60 mph! It actually became semi popular and several more will built. Of course I took some artistic licence and redid the legs, the face, and the world conqueror pose. Other than that it is pretty accurate to the original patent.

Let me say, this is freaking cool and I want my own steam man to drive to work in every day in my top hat as I laugh manically and crank Dr. Steel's music.
"Onward Reginald! Let's just see who dares to cut us off now! Muahahaha!"

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