Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soul Tree 2 and VUDUCON shenanigans

So here are the beginnings of Soul Tree Part 2. It's just a rough pencil "on the fly" idea of what I'm thinking. I have to start planning now as it takes so long to do.

Now that my plate is far less crowded, I'm starting the process for continuing my book: "Burghal Mythos" and maybe so more goodies for VuDu Con. If it doesn't make book form by then, I will at least have the art prints to add to last years. Of course I'll have buttons and some coffins but I think I'll limit myself a little more this year. I really wat to focus on the book.

Incidentally, VUDU Con is actually a CON now! Sinister is looking to have a great deal more artists. Cos Play, costumes, and even stiltwalkers are allowed this year! Here some info but hit the link for the most up to date info.

Edit: redid the sketch

******************* Event Information *******************
Costumes and Cosplay is allowed this year. So come dressed and have fun!
No Nudity, and if your wearing a mask or prosthetics you must have a valid ID in order to gain access to the event.

Stilt Walkers are allowed this year. No real restrictions for you all just watch your surroundings, some places at the Villas are low including the restrooms.

We will have a full bar with signature drinks at the event. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN.


Rental Prices: $30.00 for every 4 foot increment, with 8 Feet being the limit per table



After Party:

Admission: $5.00

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