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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gruss Vom Krampus!

Happy Krampus day to all!

I added several products to le Zazzle store this morning including ties, buttons, and shirts of "I kill dead things" (there is a special gory version as well) and the weird-O

New and Shiny

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Take That Face!

I apologize to anyone who was following my old Youtube account. In trying to fix a dual account conflict, Youtube deleted my entire channel. I am attempting to reload what videos I can... this may take a while. So here is my new account

to make up for it... Here is another picture :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Serious art of Make Believe

The Serious art of Make - Believe

Whether you are a art enthusiast, interested in how things are made, or just a Halloween Horror Night fanatic then I highly recommend The Orlando Museum of History's: The Serious art of Make-believe.

I first heard about the display from Behind The Thrills and decided, seeing as I am all of the above, that it was something I could not miss! So the first chance my wife and I had, we made the trek from Mount Dora to Orlando. I am happy to say I was in no way disappointed.

First off I did not know Orlando had a history museum. If you have been to the FLORIDA MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY in Gainesville it has a similar feel. While not nearly as large, is has a multitude of informative and creative displays regarding the history of Orlando. That, in itself, was enough to draw me there but once you throw in the fact that it's $9.00 admissions and a HHN exhibit it was far too tempting to pass up.

The  Serious Art of Make - Believe is located on half of the second floor. As you walk in, you are greeted by the familiar sight of Jacks Carnival of Carnage and The Terra Queen's motorcyle.  The walls are packed with sketches and props from  Halloween Horror Nights, Mardi Gras, Grinchmas, and even some various permanent park attractions. There are even a few interactive displays where you can draw blue line sketches,  a "find it" game where you try and spot various objects in a mock up of the prop warehouse, and even a display depicting how foam on plywood are made to like a cornucopia of textures and objects.

I finally learned the inscription on the '05 dagger!
"Cruentus Regina Infinitas Infinito"

The sketches were where I spent most of my time. Being an avid fan of Universal's Art & Design team (and an aspiring artist) I really like to see the creative ideas that spark the amazing sets the we get to see as a finished product. There was a great deal of art from HHN 15: Tales of Terror which I feel ranks as one of Universal's most creative years.

There were also several examples of progression in development. For example the original Carnival of Carnage website started out as rough sketches on three sheets of notebook paper

which progressed to a sketchup version
and then the final website version

I also spent some time drawing my own sketch.

The props are always awesome to see and I enjoyed picking them out and remembering which year(s) I had seen them before. From older props like Jack's box or the Caretaker's scissors to more recent props such as the vomit/garbage and the two wrath costumes from the "Seven" scarezone this year.

All in all, the trip is well worth the paltry admission fee. The exhibit  runs until April 29th 0f 2012 so there is ample time and if you want to go a step further there are two chances to meet the A&D team! So make the trip, have fun, and support Florida's museums all in one shot.

** If you just can't make it or just want to spoil the surprise, scroll down for a link to more pictures **

Orange County Regional History Center
65 E. Central Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32801

Visiting Hours
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Noon - 5 p.m.

Artists & Authors Series
Art & Design Team from Universal Orlando Resort

Thursday, December 8, 2011
6-9 PM $65 admission (non-members)

Meet & Greet the Art and Design Team from Universal Orlando Resort
The Serious Art of Make-Believe Exhibition

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... Just remember to watch out for those leftovers... you've been warned.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Circus Stuff

These are a little old if you follow my FB page... But I met with Chris over the work on the Circus and he snapped these at the table.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Got my intuos4 tablet today! So my first picture using it is how I feel in most social situations... I'm so square...

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Monday, October 31, 2011

In retrospect...

So all in all a good night. we had 20-30 kids which is far better than the 4 last year. Gave out nearly all the candy.

The scarezone looked awesome. I added two red LEDs for the eyes and simply wrapped electrical tape around it with a 3 volt battery... they are still lit 4 hours later. I also added 4 drops of cinnamon and apple scent to the fog and it smelled wonderful.

The scarezone went up on Sunday afternoon and came down in less than an hour.

As always, I'm saddened by the final death nail in the haunt season that is Halloween (It starts in March for me )

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome... That being said, it's not the end of the tree. He will return next year with a companion of some sort hopefully.

I have a story forming in my head and wouldn't mind telling it this way. I already have some ideas on how to improve the process.

For all the pics go here

Friday, October 21, 2011

Building the Soul Tree

So the work continues. This blast of cool air is just what I needed to get this thing to dry... and not a moment too soon as Halloween is next Monday. I found nearly a perfect heart for him at Target (the only thing is it is slightly small). But it looks like a real heart and pulses a red light. More pics here

Stage one is almost done. the next step is to use paper clay to smooth out the inconsistencies. the paint and seal! But before that happens I have to somehow figure out what I need to do to make the long fingers above his head support their own weight.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Aftermath

I apologize to anyone who has been following for the complete and utter lack of updates since 5 days before VUDUCON. Things have been really busy and there are so many social sites to keep up with.
VuDUCON was a complete success despite the last minute threatened cancelation. Had a great time and sold enough to break even for this year and last year… Yay! Oddly, I sold more from last year’s series than this year’s so I’m glad I brought them back. Also the costume worked out very well. More pics can be seen on my
FB page

I have finally put both my art series up to purchase on Zazzle. You can pick up a 4x6 print for a paltry $.70 if you were so inclined ($4.85 for a 8x10) Yes that means all 20 of my prints would cost a mere $14.00 (Plus S&H). If all goes well, Burghal Mythos will be expanded to a book by next go around.
You can find all my goodies here
The soul tree is coming along. Hopefully it will be done by Halloween so the 5 kids who show up to my house on a Monday Halloween will be impressed. The picture was actually taken about 16 work hours ago so it is way behind. The two biggest drawbacks to papier-mâché art are that it is time consuming and that if you live in a humid climate, like Florida, it dries ridiculously slowly. The upsides are the cost and you can pretty much build anything you could with clay or fiberglass.

Monday, September 12, 2011

VUDUCON cometh

So there are only 5 full days till VUDUCON at this point. I am just finishing up everything for the show. Painting a couple new coffins and I had to touch up a pic that didn't scan in right. But, aside from printing I'm ready.

One of the new coffins is inspired by the new Thing movie..I haven't decided what the other will be yet.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More for VUDUCon

First button. I will have a limited supply of these at Halloween Horror Nights to give out as well as for sale at VUDUCon. But you can buy them here.
More for VUDUCON

First my next piece:

Also I finished my four, very limited edition, soaps. There are the graphics.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vuducon 2011

In regards to VUDUCON 2011

I will have my Meetz Meats apron (seen in the my The Scratchings of JWFearman picture), various buttons and shirts including two all new HHN buttons, My VuDu coffin/candles from last year, another small candle set, two very limited edition soaps ('Season of the Queeen' and 'Plague Doctors'), My art series from last year "Dread Till Drawn", Art from "Circus Tent Full Of Ghosts" by The LieProducingFactory, and this years new series "Burgal Mythos".

I have been a bit quiet lately... Lots of work going on. I should have something to look at soon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

6th Piece

Here is the sneak peak at my sixth piece for Burgal Mythos. I also met up with the Lie Producing Factory this weekend and we hashed out the preview book for Circus Tent Full Of Ghosts.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5th piece

Been working a lot of CTFOG. but I managed to squeeze in another piece of my own for VUDUCON

This is my fifth piece in my Burgal Mythos series.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Been on vacation

So I've been on vacation for the last week. But during that time the theme for HHN21 changed. SOOOO I had to fix the theme of the counter (seen above) between white water, zip lines, and mountain climbing. I completely resturctured it to allow for animation. So be sure to watch it as it will change as time progresses. Of course I made it for made Horror Night Nightmares. and can be seen there.

Anyway back to real life and back to work. I will have more art soon. Less than 80 days to VUDUCON.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Concepts and Scent Lockets

So I've been working on concepts for A Circus tent Full Of Ghosts and i have a few to post:

These are just a few of the main players. We plan to at least have a sample copy of the book at VUDUCON

On another note, I have been wanting a scent locket for a while now but the cheapest I have found have been in the $70.00 - $90.00 range. Not to mantion most are very girly. So I made a quick trip to SkyCraft (I love the smell of grease and aircraft parts on my lunch break) and I picked up a little Doflotchy for a whole .50 cents. I rearranged the screw and added a dab of locktight so it would not go anywhere, drilled out the stem of the screw, and stuffed the core with muslin. I than made a choker with some beads I had.

Here is the final product:
Anyway, this morning I loaded it up with BPAL's "Arkham" and it seems to work well. It's not silver like most recommend but the brass seems to transfer the body heat just fine (and looks steampunk in the process).

so now I am exuding:

"A shadowy, unapproachable forest of maple, birch, dogwood, cypress and pine softened by a garland of New England wildflowers: bergamot, columbine, rue anemone, blue violet, creeping phlox, bloodroot, toadflax, and pixie moss."       <- love this smell BTW.
I have to finish up the concept arts this coming week and I really want to get back to the soul tree. Of course I still have my own series for VUDUCON... Busy Busy Beaver...