Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Fearman Cometh

Today I am kicking off my Blog. Here I will post what is going on in my world pertaining to my art.

Currently, I am throwing around ideas for my new art series to debut at VUDU CON in September. I haven't decided on the subject but I have decided on the medium... watercolor. I may be doing a job for someone (how's that for vague) and the request was to show my work in in a watercolor format. I liked it so much that I am going to do the new series the same.

This job would put my book on hold for now. But a paying job is a paying job.

I recently did the HHN counter (seen at top of page) and the Intro animation for Horror Night Nightmares.

I just created a concept sketch for a Horror Nights Icon... The Ancestress

She is based off the German story of Die Anhfrau.

She is the ghost of a adulterous woman who was cursed to see people's fate but she is completely incapable of preventing this fate. If she is seen, it means your time is near.

After she accidentally destroyed her entire lineage trying to prevent their demise she became twisted and came to like the torment she could cause.

She is now a harbinger of death and anyone whom would dare to gaze upon her spectral visage. Once her victims pass, some by her own twisted imagination, she collects their souls and forever traps them in her blood colored looking glass pendant... From which her power manifests.

Unfortunately I wont be able to post a lot of what I'm doing right now... But I will post what I can.