Sunday, May 22, 2011


Here is a a short video of how I made my guns...
Incidentally, the idea for the pants and the guns came from Aradani Costumes. Check them out they have some cool ideas.

And here is the "barebones" of the soul tree so to speak...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puny me, clean spaces, & the Amazing Circus Tent

I managed to put the majority of my costume together over the weekend.

As I'm sure you can see it needs some work... Mostly my own physique. So I'm working hard to beef back up after years of sedentary procrastination. As for the costume it needs some brassy bits and a harness for the canister in my hand but I would say 98% done.

Speaking of weekends this one was a productive one. We were able to clean my "man cave" to fit more HHN paraphernalia as well my various random... randomness that I make/collect. Not only that but we we also cleaned out the garage to start construction on the Soul Tree. (my wife says it was to fit the car in... pshaw) I plan on creating a step by step how to on how I will do it. So expect to see something on that after this weekend. Currently I have a bucky Skeleton, a more realistic skull with jaw removed, chicken wire, and pool noodles... But I'm getting ahead of myself.

In other news the "A Circus tent Full of Ghosts" art is progressing nicely and the official cover art is now on the Kindle version for only $5.99!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Books and Interviews

Friday the 13th struck our interview so what was about 30 min ending up being about 5.

In other news I recently got The Alice: Return to Madness art book. Quite a Tome of Reference Art! If you are into the dark gothic style of American Mcgee, then I highly recommend it.

I Also got a blast from my past. A popup book my cousin had when I was young. It's simply called Haunted House by Jan Pienkowski. It is one of the most loved popup books of all time and I got it for .01 + shipping... Pretty sweet!

Scarecrows and Circuses

Just got off the phone with Chris Lewandowski of Circus Tent full of Ghosts after our Q&A. When it's posted I will share it. I am definitely excited about making this book happen.

Working on the 5th installment of Burghal Mythos as well. So I'm a bit of a drawing fool lately. I should have a new teaser soon.

I started designing my scarecrow for Halloween! Here is the prelimminary draft:

The idea here is a tortured soul in tree form. Inspired by pumpkinrot's "Roots" Scarecrow. I plan to have the chest open with a red-glowing heart... Now I just need to find that pile of skulls... I know I left them somewhere...

Last year I designed a steampunk hat as I intended to go in steampunk for VUDU Cinema. The problem was I simply ran out of time in making the costume. I have drastically changed the idea and now it will be much easier to create (airship mechanic) for VUDUCON. I do however have to drop from a 36 waist to a 34-32 as Czech military pants don't fit me currently.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bits and pieces....

Working on several things right now:

I have a name for my VUDU CON series!

"Burghal Mythos: A Fascination In Human Nature" 

Here are a few samples:

I'm also working on a Graphic Novel With Chris Lewandowski called:

"Circus Tent Full of Ghost" If you would like to follow, check it here and click the "like" button.

Other than that... While I was sick I made a "Witch Jar". Its a cool light in a mason jar that was made popular by PumpkinRot.

Basically several layers of paint, feathers, and a LED flashlight cut up and rebuilt to make the jar.