Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Aftermath

I apologize to anyone who has been following for the complete and utter lack of updates since 5 days before VUDUCON. Things have been really busy and there are so many social sites to keep up with.
VuDUCON was a complete success despite the last minute threatened cancelation. Had a great time and sold enough to break even for this year and last year… Yay! Oddly, I sold more from last year’s series than this year’s so I’m glad I brought them back. Also the costume worked out very well. More pics can be seen on my
FB page

I have finally put both my art series up to purchase on Zazzle. You can pick up a 4x6 print for a paltry $.70 if you were so inclined ($4.85 for a 8x10) Yes that means all 20 of my prints would cost a mere $14.00 (Plus S&H). If all goes well, Burghal Mythos will be expanded to a book by next go around.
You can find all my goodies here
The soul tree is coming along. Hopefully it will be done by Halloween so the 5 kids who show up to my house on a Monday Halloween will be impressed. The picture was actually taken about 16 work hours ago so it is way behind. The two biggest drawbacks to papier-mâché art are that it is time consuming and that if you live in a humid climate, like Florida, it dries ridiculously slowly. The upsides are the cost and you can pretty much build anything you could with clay or fiberglass.

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