Friday, March 2, 2012

Ghosts vs Aliens

Have you ever wanted to golf inside of a haunted house or perhaps during an alien invasion? If you answered yes to one or both of the above questions you should try out Hollywood Drive-In golf at Universal city walk!

You have your choice between two courses, one being "Invaders From Planet Putt" and the other being "The Haunting of Ghostly Greens". Prices start at $14 per adult, $12 per child or you can go with the double feature for $25 per adult, $21 per child. If your annual passholder you get an additional 20%t off your bill. The starting price for a single course is just a few dollars higher than other comparable course (Such as Congo River at $11.00). But with the Double Feature it is virtually the same.

We arrived at about 7 o'clock, paid, and picked up our gear without waiting. There was literally no wait for the invaders course but there was a slight wait for the haunted course so we chose to go to the invaders course first.

This course was very sharp and clean and had lots of cool little gimmicks, one of which was a "mind control" television where your ball appears to be be on the screen. The entire course had a retro-futuristic feel to it. Each marker post has comical little rhymes that are prevalent throughout  both courses. In fact the general tone is playful and lighthearted. The finale was cute although it made me dizzy.

We then proceeded to the ghostly greens course and there was already a wait of 4 families. This we found out would be the trend for the rest of this course.

It had a very haunted mansion feel to it, though the house itself is very reminiscent of the psycho house. It too was also very sharp and clean with some creative gimmicks. Not to give anything away but the final hole on this course is more intricate than I've ever seen in a putt putt course.

Like any  new endeavor, it had its glitches. Wet paint, wheel barrels full of dirt, and a few glitches in the architecture that caused the ball to get stuck. None of which diminished the overall enjoyment of the attraction. I did however have to climb up the outside of the house's stairs and help a little girl dislodge her ball.

Overall both courses were a fun time, the music was good, and I felt it was money well spent. The production value is definitely top-notch.

So whether you like ghost, aliens, or just a fun family outing, I definitely recommend you check out Hollywood Drive Golf.

Additional pictures of the course can be found here

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