Friday, May 13, 2011

Scarecrows and Circuses

Just got off the phone with Chris Lewandowski of Circus Tent full of Ghosts after our Q&A. When it's posted I will share it. I am definitely excited about making this book happen.

Working on the 5th installment of Burghal Mythos as well. So I'm a bit of a drawing fool lately. I should have a new teaser soon.

I started designing my scarecrow for Halloween! Here is the prelimminary draft:

The idea here is a tortured soul in tree form. Inspired by pumpkinrot's "Roots" Scarecrow. I plan to have the chest open with a red-glowing heart... Now I just need to find that pile of skulls... I know I left them somewhere...

Last year I designed a steampunk hat as I intended to go in steampunk for VUDU Cinema. The problem was I simply ran out of time in making the costume. I have drastically changed the idea and now it will be much easier to create (airship mechanic) for VUDUCON. I do however have to drop from a 36 waist to a 34-32 as Czech military pants don't fit me currently.

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